• South African Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry

    Dedicated to excellence in the art and science of aesthetic dentistry, SAAAD aims to:
    Enhance and foster the highest standards of ethical conduct and responsible patient care;
    Provide a leadership role in the exchange of knowledge, whilst promoting and supporting a respected membership program;
    Serve as a source of useful and accurate information to the public and the dental profession alike.
  • Committed to
    Aesthetic Dentistry

    Aesthetic dentistry is about creating balance and symmetry, manipulating colour and contours to produce seamless harmony with the adjacent teeth, gums, lips and face with procedures such as veneers, orthodontics, bonding, implants and whitening.
  • Design your Smile with one of our Dental Professionals

    Simply replace an old discoloured or mercury-silver filling with a seamless natural looking white filling.
    Whiten a blackened dead tooth, place a veneer over chips and worn enamel, or replace an old crown.
    You could even fill any missing gaps!

Dynamic Dental Professionals

Grow in expertise sharing scientific knowledge and experience, whilst prioritising patient care.


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Changing your smile

Changes your life by bringing balance, harmony and symmetry to enhance your facial features.

Art and Science of Dentistry

Founded in 2010

SAAAD promotes a membership program that supports and encourages the continued development of the dental industry as a whole
whilst prioritising the highest standards of patient care.

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State of the Art Dentistry

Patient care is at the heart of SAAAD. From simple at-home whitening to advanced surgical implants, we can help you smile.

IFED 2015

SAAAD proudly presents the 9th International Federation of Esthetic Dentistry conference in Cape Town this November!

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Our members are highly qualified in providing the latest techniques to improve your smile.

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From the Blog

IFED 2015

IFED 2015 IFED 2015 IFED 2015 | Cape Town
IFED 2015 Congress proudly hosted by SAAAD in Cape Town November 2015
IFED 2015

IFED 9th World Congress: Cape Town 5-9 November 2015

The IFED 2015 Scientific Program has been announced. Exploring the theme: The Big 5 - A Paradigm Shift. 20 world leaders in all 5 disciplines combine over three days to achieve the ultimate in aesthetic dentistry.

Attila Bodrogi

Hands On Sessions at IFED 2015

Countdown to IFED 2015. Team Atlanta and hands-on sessions being offered at the conference.