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Dr Attila Bodrogi is the founder of Bespoke-Smiles, high-level service treatments in cosmetic dentistry. He was also the featured Makeover Specialist in more than 50 TV shows, such as the '10 Years Younger in 10 Days' Hungarian version.

Dr Attila Bodrogi’s experience and expertise extend from Dental Implant Specialist (2008), to Cosmetic Dental Specialist (2005), and including Specialist to Aesthetic Dentistry, (2001). Dr Attila Bodrogi also founded and owns the SmileCenter The Dental Spa and has practised as a General Dentist in the early 90’s.

His Post Doctoral training includes Dawson Academy of Advanced Dentistry, Florida, USA,the Master Program in Implantology, UCLA, California, USA, 2007-2008, Advanced Techniques in Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry (hands-on courses) 2001 - present, as well as GBR Techniques and Connective Tissue Grafting 1998 - present.

Dr Attila Bodrogi ‘s Certifications include Medical Specialist of Stomathology, 1994,Implantologist, UCLA, 2008 and Medical Specialist of Conservative Dentistry and Prostetics,2011.

Dr Attila Bodrogi has also lectured in various different domestic postgraduate courses, International training and events and specifically at the Aesthetic Dentistry, University of Szeged from 2008 - 2010. He also tutored at the University of Szeged in 2010 and the University of SOTE, Budapest from 2003 - 2006.

Ultimate Digital Communication Skills for Minimal Invasive Dentistry

Latest updates on CAD/CAM technology and communication.

Creating the precision in terms of the preparation, fit and the aesthetic final outcome needs a serious treatment planning which is different for each case. Designing a new smile consists of many steps which are so very important and if followed right, produce predictable success.

Today, the success of dentistry depends on interdisciplinary team work, where every member of the team (including the specialists, lab technicians and the patient) should be aware of the treatment planning and the end result from the beginning. A major component for success remains “communication”. Digital communication, together with increased innovation on CAD/CAM technology allows everyone to work as one unified team across the globe. Armamentarium techniques used today, like microscopes, microendodontics, microsurgeries and lasers, create amazing effects for treatment planning and final results.

Learning objectives include:

Interdisciplinary Approaches; Team Work; Creating New Smile Design; Being Minimally Invasive, Maximal Aesthetic; Using digital photography & video taping effect; How to utilize today’s digital tools; Learning to get the maximal aesthetic results out of CAD/CAM technology.

Registration from 8:30

  • Morning: Analysis, photographic protocol, planning (DSD), wax up, mockup, occlusal considerations, material selection. (E.max, Zirpress) 90 min
  • Mid-morning: Guided prep, prep design in specific cases, micro prep approach, videopresentation of a real case’s preparation, magnification (microscope?), impression, temporization. 90 min
  • Afternoon: Shade communication, photo documentation and transfer to the lab, distance work with the ceramist, digital workflow, ingot selection, try in and cementation. (Variolink Veneer, Multilink) 90 min
  • Late Afternoon: Implant placement in the aesthetic zone, soft tissue management around implants, GBR technics to enhance aesthetic outcome, biological considerations of material selection of implant supported restorations (abutments and other supra structures). 90 min
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Johannesburg: 28 August, Nedbank, Sandton

Durban: 31 August, SASA at Mount Edgecombe

Port Elizabeth: 2 September, Elizabeth Place at Newton Park

Cape Town: 5 September, Nedbank, Waterfront

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