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Advanced reconstructive dentistry Course Sjoerd 2018 Banner 850x234

The vision of reconstructive dentistry is aimed at creating durable improvements of the entire oral health.

The Academy of Reconstructive Dentistry and the South African Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry share a belief that dentistry should be:

  • Predictable
  • Durable
  • Beautiful

SAAAD road trip 2018 banner 850x222

The SAAAD Road Show of 2018 has a bit of a twist. In addition to just showing you some fantastic cases, we'll look at how these cases can be used to build a practice profile, drive patient interaction and ultimately grow your practice.

With the central theme of 'THE BUSINESS OF ADVANCED DENTISTRY', we want to inspire you to use your great cases to build your business.

Occlusion day 2 logo 001 850x335

SAAAD Occlusion Day – March 2018 was a huge success. With the event sold out two weeks in advance and many of the delegates asking for more, you have shown what a need there is for information on this complex topic. We have listened!
SAAAD Occlusion Day 2 – The Sequel is the much-anticipated follow-up on this complex topic.

the bite was planned logo

In the iconic logo, the bite was planned meticulously. Using Golden Proportion and accurate scale, the seemingly simple was crafted to create an everlasting symbol. In precisely the same manner, each dental reconstruction needs meticulous planning of the occlusion to create a bite that will last a lifetime.

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